What do the 20% of the supply we see on Etherscan represent?

What do the 20% of the supply we see on Etherscan represent?

If you’ve been scanning through our Etherscan token holders page, and noticed that 20% of RISITA’s total supply seems untouched, you might be curious about what it represents.

This slice of the RISITA’s supply pie was initially earmarked for an airdrop to PEPE token holders at our launch. The idea was that PEPE holders could claim their share of RISITA if they took the required steps.

However, the uptake was surprisingly low, with only a handful of PEPE holders stepping forward to claim their RISITA tokens. In light of this, we made a decisive move for the community and the project’s future by burning the ‘merkle tree’ keys associated with the airdrop process. This decision ensures that the tokens allocated for the airdrop cannot be accessed or distributed anymore. Like a token burn.

RISITA memecoin - Token burn

To clarify, the tokens themselves have not been burned, because the contract itself wouldn’t allow it; instead, we’ve burned the access keys – effectively locking away this portion of the supply forever. This action prevents any possibility of these tokens re-entering circulation through the original airdrop mechanism. Even if, by some chance, an individual were to guess the key correctly, they would only have the power to reinitiate the airdrop to PEPE holders, not to withdraw the tokens for themselves.

In the dynamic world of meme coins, where trust and transparency are as valuable as the tokens themselves, this move signals our commitment to RISITA’s integrity. It assures the community that there is zero chance of these tokens affecting the supply or the market cap in unexpected ways.

For anyone navigating the crypto waters, searching for the next big memecoin like RISITA, understanding these nuances is crucial. It showcases a project’s dedication not just to growth but also to making considered and community-focused decisions.

With RISITA, we continue to build on the legendary laughter of El Risitas, ensuring that our tokenomics are as robust and transparent as the humor we cherish. Stay tuned for more updates, and remember, in the realm of RISITA, every token tells a story, and every holder is part of our ongoing journey!